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22 March 1998-2003

if you can't beat'm, go around'm

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Added to the recycling bin: 2002/1998-2003 and 2003/1998-2003 for anchored access.


OK. I hate this dude's hiatitude.

NQP takes its publication for a deep breath in a 67beta issue, in genuine moerstaal tradition. Or, sigh, I switch to semi-hiatus. 67beta will sort of irregularly exercise the Dutch, the format, the illustrations, the content — whatever happens, plaats-en-leer. Something's gotta give. See what woordkraam comes to mind. If you manage only some Dutch or just like the sight of it (excuse my Freedom), you're invited to follow me there. Otherwise, NQP68 will again take its full international responsibility to address you in some new lingua franca.

17 March 2003

graphing the bio bby'all

it just so happens

...that spells do break when you least expect them to.

For NQPaOFU (and lemoulindumerle.com and idie.net) such means going on hiatus. It could be for a couple of weeks, or months, I don't know.

I do very much hesitate the decision (antagonistic 6 and 8 March say all). Best would be for me to realize tomorrow that I only <had to> decide thus in order to re-open shop the day after tomorrow. Like if it's the full moon... There's even no competing projects... just the usual life's lot. If those could go on hiatus I wouldn't hesitate, since they're all inferior to the labour of love. You know there's just the improvement of my sites in this life, for that part of me that has any ambition at all. For a change I just cannot imagine doing this from a daily routine. Certainly not in public. I have to rethink the format, ambition and quality of these sites, instead of repeating my personal publishing mantras. Maybe my next truth I'll find somewhere entirely different.

Even when it seems all the hopes and fears that I want to connect to are out there, this place will remain silent for a while. Nothing can be blamed of course. Not even that stupid war we're going to have to survive, to which one can only say 'Damn you George W. Bush! You're a lost soul. Start counting the innocent lives you'll destroy.' Meanwhile I hope to prepare to answer the old 'what did you do in the war daddy?' question and face my boys in a couple of years from now. Before that I will meet you here again in some time.

Any publication at all will come announced through the NQPaOFU index, which's updates remain posted at the usual address.

Meanwhile listen to Bonnie 'Prince' Billy c.s. with us.

R+r emerge

8 March 2003

Monsieur Teste


"Everything I've accomplished all my life since I was twenty, consists of nothing other than a kind of perpetual preparation, without purpose, without end... without practical or external goal," he wrote. He also claimed that everything done outside his Notebooks was "my artificial work — the result of obligations and external impulses. And this must be understood if anyone wants to understand anything about me — there's nothing essential — or necessary — in any of it."

(on Paul Valéry, courtesy wood s lot)


6 March 2003


Most of life would go completely unnoticed, if not for some of us incessantly pointing at what is going on.

It's for all of you pointing people: artists, authors, protesters of sorts, dreamers, workers, searchers — to keep up the signalling and be in the way of things otherwise escaping us, poking your fingers around our minds, stirring the names, not letting the best and the worst get away just like that.

It's a war, stupid!
Day 05 sans 01Book. With some software I can see Macedelica still sitting in there, containing all of its bits yet not revealing them to me, hiding in its white plastic shell. I have no bootable Norton Utilities cd around the mill and won't bother to find one near it. This is for Maastricht next week. A la guerre comme à la guerre these entries go out from a nameless machine.

5 March 2003

facts are stubborn things

5 err

'Finally', as the subject line of Andrea B.'s mail to her goes. Finally it is past midnight. That 5 March which all of her life marks a celebration, the continuation of life under a different age, has already passed. Its afternoon was spent at the Frambourt table and in the fields around Dornecy, with Derk and Honorine who has her birthday, turning 34, also today and also Chanel 19 is her scent. What coincidence. 5 err is just another one. I can't wait for my own August 2 five erring.

1-2 March 2003

Et Si Omnes Ego Non


Morning of March 1 I leave Maastricht at 6:30am. A couple of hours later at the gallery I frame and with Pi and Frans hang the new new work resulting from renewing some of the faded old work last week. That late February 'lite' work. Water stained. Paper marked. De Rebus Geruntur. After a mail round most unfortunately the 01Book freezes, unable to boot upon restart. Little do I know then it will not return before it is sent for repair.

In the evening I join G+R+r in Zevenaar. Sunday is the Repertoire vernissage after a surprise detour for G. whose birthday will be next Wednesday. Some of her closest friends will gather at the Amsterdam Café Danzig (where also the Moulin ad was discovered in 1998). She objects on the way there. Why did we have to leave so early for a 4pm opening? Why am I driving into Amsterdam when we should be heading for Heemstede? I tell her I'm on a sentimental journey. Ah. The Danzig? She doesn't want a coffee right now but suggests a visit to a friend instead, while apparently all of a sudden there's time. In the Stopera parking lot I cross Jan and Henk's path, who are heading for the staircase, flowers and presents and all. They pretend they will be visiting Babs, whose birthday indeed is today, but fancy a coffee with us at — since we're so near — Danzig? I park the car letting G. go up with them. At the table she coincidentally finds her brother with part of his family, and Joes and Marjolein. The scheme's dawning upon her. More friends and family join over the hours to follow. A lot more. Some even spent the better part of their week-end aux bonheurs des dames.

28 February 2003

meanwhile drawing strike throughs and striking through <STRIKE></STRIKE>

I make tens of these ultralite pen and ink cartoonish drawings, sort of kind of Calligraphies, at least that's what I prefer them to be called, writing erasings with accidental futile figurations, on the off-set printed paper from 1990 which says Et Si Omnes Ego Non.

How can I be so light? Thank you lord. Only tell me with your eyes.

26 February 2003


Rolf is homesick tonight staying at his friend Linde's in Amsterdam. He phones G. at her parents. When she phones me to ask me to be stand-by tonight for his calls in case he wakes up, I'm homesick in Maastricht. Too sentimental to stand knowing him needing G. and me. What's this teleparenting anyway? Jeez.

Papa poule.

25 February 2003

two good links, just because

Herbert Schiller:
Attention in recent decades has been paid to the presence and impact of US cultural domination on most of the world. Less observed are the effects of this powerful culture on the people of the USA itself. When examined, the most striking effect is the narrowed and impoverished cultural life of the domestic population.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan:

24 February 2003

natural wonder that we can never comprehend

wonder wander

Summer, autumn, winter, spring. Nature's cycles will always bring back the good life. Drum roll.

A lonely drummer, a young man in full regalia, passes down the evening street on his way back from a music festival. His marching drum patterns sound familiar. They must follow some musical standard.

At 4:40am I find the words for just-in-time visualization. Now to 'combine' them with the images. One image is very strong: that of the vertical scroll. The image is rather 'cinematic'. As opposed to the pan, the zap, the focus, the series of short cuts. No montage, but landscaping. Hanging gardens.


Narrative and readability. I'm thinking in images again, instead of in media. Piecemeal information (the oracle, the riddle, the puzzle, the rebus — 'de rebus geruntur': 'on what's going on', play and game, the cryptotheque never stops).

Service people in Villars were generally friendly. Why is that surprizing. In shops and restaurants we met with genuine personal approach. With one exception of the extremely forthcoming shuttle bus driver who left his vehicle and passengers to help us to the right platform in time to catch the last mountain train to Gryon, then returned a minute later to bring R+r each a package of potato chips. I saw the learning happening in them.

That small crowd on the slopes mirrored back a constituency that you pretty much loose sight of when buried in deep rural areas like the one surrounding the Moulin du Merle. It shows a different demographic selection. Like 'city folks', the 'slope folks' have their ways which can be generalized and devoured. And then some folks stand out upon closer inspection. Ha! If all life was simple as 'city folks', 'slope folks' or your 'rural folks' seem under the hungry gaze, focusing, focusing.

Ernst Haeckel Radiolarien
Ernst Haeckel's 'Radiolarien' (Rhizipoda Radiaria) 1863

23 February 2003


For Geegaw, and bhikku 19th February 2003 . Thank you for bringing back to memory Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (entirely online) draughtsmanship, which sustains beyond the scientific theories it fed. Hm. Then again Haeckel wanted to be a landscape painter first. In a letter to Anna Sethe of 21 October 1859 it means, on the artist's existence to offer:

a rich, creative, colorful life of imagination, while that of the scientist offers a sober, cold, anatomical effort of reason that always soon leads to negation and skeptical dissolution, a reason that is oriented to a possible understanding of natural wonder that we can never comprehend.

alp view
morning half moon

22-23 February 2003

a break

Crashing at 10pm to lay wide awake in the middle of the night thinking up NQP entries was the past week's routine. Other nightly preoccupations bear upon work, family, health, morals. Six nights' worth of dreams around the waking hours include everyone I know, knew, hope to get to know or try to forget. Then there's the usual first lines to novels, plots, more preoccupations, ideas for other texts. Cerebral drift, half-moods. Intuitive clarity under Morpheus license.

I relax. All issues evaporate to distil some other moment, another medium.

super power?

Another realisation. Despicable politics by arrogant politicians. A "super power" would enhance its citizens' well-being, meaningful education, cultural diversity and equal opportunities to fulfil their lives in their partnerships and families, friendships, their religions and their careers.

As far as my perception goes none of the before holds true for today's United States of America, or will be achieved under its current president and administration. This simple man's "war on terrorism" is such an immense tragedy and a fucking disgrace to the nation he was contracted to lead. Definitely it brings the beginning of the end of its rule. American power brings itself down — just like communism did, just like any kind of fundamentalism, just like any colonialism, just like any totalitarianism of whatever kind. At best George W. Bush will be remembered to in the early 21st century have catalyzed the decline of the last super power.

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