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established 22 March 1998
launch-and-learn publishing



nqpaofu.com, lemoulindumerle.com, idie.net are Internet domains by artist Jouke Kleerebezem, serving Notes Quotes Provocations And Other Fair Use, a portal and weblog; Le Moulin du Merle, a dotcom estate; Innovation and Design for Information Empowerment, design competence.

contact: owner@nqpaofu.com

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notes quotes provocations
and other fair use

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dot dot moerstaal (NL)
(NQPaOFU Dutch annex, shelved per 25 August 2002)
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dot dot Parenting Ahead
(6-20 October 2000 NQPaOFU Special Issue)
dot dot hardoplinken (NL)
('linking aloud', on weblogging)
dot dot Daily Operations
(interview for 'to publish or not to. publish' investigation)
dot dot Cultuur is onze natuur (NL)
('culture is our nature')

design competence

innovation and design
for information empowerment

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dot dot De wereld als markt en medium (NL)
(globalization as colonization; globalization as de-colonization)
dot dot Catering Design
(Design Recast symposium paper)
dot dot Daily Operations: the Weblog
(Declarations conference paper)
dot dot In Media Omnia (NL)
(a kind of sequel to 'Vormgeving ontwerpen')
dot dot Vormgeving ontwerpen (NL)
('modelling design')
dot dot 'genoeg Geweest! Wat nu?' (NL)
First Things First Manifesto critique
dot dot 'Alienation Rules':
First Things First Manifesto critique E summary
dot dot 'First Things First 2000'
dot dot 'Design Equals Information'
(Visionplus 4 conference paper)
dot dot 'inf0Arcadia' (E) (NL versie)
dot dot InfoDesignCafé First Things First discussion

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le moulin du merle
estate and dotcom

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