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3 December 2003] iHide

privacy <-> secrecy balance, privacy/secrecy ratio

With all the exhibitionism going on in ‘the media’, with the overexposure of our ‘lives’, no matter how idealized, thematized, mediatized our curriculum becomes — yet 99% of every individual life is secret, personal, intimate, private and shared with no one in any format ever. Inextricably locked inside you, for you to cherish — a present, a burden, a life lived.

The ultimate intimacy of an individual life in its well kept highs and lows only between special parties parities can be glanced into, at very rare occasions.

The many selves only send out one amongst them at the time, at every occasion one self is shipped for interactive purposes. The society of selves which operates your identity is a many colored actor.

DoorsEast: on mobility, secrecy/privacy, pervasiveness, hierarchy and anarchy, open media, ...

Pervasive Publishing, super-distribution, media saturation, site-specific information (GPS), DRM, ...

- [“Our digital management systems enable content owners, copyright owners, artists, authors, record companies and distributors of digital content to package and sell digital content. Our processes and system allow you to combine robust content security with flexible licensing opening access to new business models and consumer markets. One of the most interesting things is that this technology allows business rules to be changed even after the content has been released which enables content providers to adapt pricing to match the real-time buying habits of consumers.”]
- [“DRM (Digital Rights Management) is about protecting digital content and controlling its usage.The DRM market has two recognised camps: DRM for Publishing and DRM for Confidentiality.The first is concerned with ensuring that people who are using content have paid for it (e.g. combatting the MP3 sharing phenomenon); the latter is about protecting sensitive material (e.g. IPO documents).”]
-,,1_41_50,00.html [Nokia developers DRM and download FAQ]

South Indian music: Karnatic Sageet

Now playing: L. Subramaniam, Le violon de l'Inde du Sud.

[2 December 2003] manual skill

This private secret life. 99% secrecy -> 98% secrecy shift?

Remember how a compass felt like a strange instrument in your hands the first time when as a kid you were introduced to it. With software do you have the same kind of thrill/drill when you point and click a new program? When a tool is only possibility and no frustration yet. When you imagine it to do things it was designed for and you do not know yet it isn't? Before you learn that it is only in the hands of a fine master that whatever tool will be taken beyond its designed possibilities.

I have to open both Moulin shutters this morning with the important rains that we are having, driving up the Beuvron's level quickly. It's been a long time that we have not seen so much water. It's welcome. After a couple of floods we have learned how to value the level rising at such rapid pace.

December turf. The month of the year in which to scan your event horizons has again arrived. Local greens, browns and greys will soon mix in with local oranges, purples and different greens, browns and greys. More mixing colours, and time periods or design styles: we have extensively browsed Design for Delight last night for wallpaper, to replace some of the Moulin's. They have wild prints and a very simple, functional site. To imagine to dress Moulin rooms in 1970s wall paper is a time warp, decisively retro hip, when at the time the previous owner Mr. Follope wall papered all of the house in retro paper which dated its looks back another style period or two. To leave a more trueful timestamp we would have to give it one of Ulf Moritz designs. Don't they vaguely bring back the 1970s to mind?

Design for Delight's NL home town Zaandam feels like a hell of a long way from St. Germain all of a sudden. We would have to drop by and unroll some of their pieces.

With pervasive publishing the narrative is catered wildly to myriad readerships. Super distribution?

mis en bouteilles
IMG SRC="../2003imgs/bottles-ok1.jpg" WIDTH="562" HEIGHT="422" BORDER="0" ALT="mis en bouteilles after another visit to the cave Bon in Migé. Both the Coulanges-la-Vineuse Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay 2002 are good wines, regionally awarded a medal and sent to Paris in March 2004 for national testing. 2003 is an even better year but with a limited harvest. After bottling I redesigned the label."

[29-30 November 2003] can do will do

I always pass NQP like a film, repeatedly power scrolling it forward from an issue's first entry. Usually when I start doing this it means an issue running out of steam. It's a ritual to begin a fresh one. This kind of replaying NQP to myself I do when there's nothing else left to do with it or add to it. I just scanned #78 a couple of times, meaning: #79 is on its way. 78's exhausted, or am I, after Saturday morning's chainsaw and cleaving exercise.

Gilles Meunier kindly offers to help me on the last fat trunks left in the wood. We finish our lot and gain another 3 m3 to add up to 20 in the end, which means plenty long fires.

stone bird
the way we scan, stoneware bird on glass plate under Kleenex tissue

[28 November 2003] household foothold

One by one the way we scan. Throw everything on your plate and feed it some light.

two orchids
the way we blossom, orchids against flock wallpaper

[25 November 2003] local color

Home at last. Even when I arrived Sunday evening it takes a couple of days. Unpacking, introducing new elements to local cycles. Birds, fish, flowers. Objects and plants: orchids and cyclamen.

Exquisite Enclave logo 1995 rough small

This is the Exquisite Enclave logo which I designed back in 1995 as it appeared in the New Balance exhibition's publicity. Edges roughened up a bit when scanned and twisted the design in GraphicConverter. It looks ok to me, grainy like this.

For Macha and Mark I elaborate the 'wandering' show ideas, for next year in De Paviljoens. And to Francine, out goes a request to recommend me a French writer for a contribution to the book we make, to have a conversation, a correspondence on wandering, perpetual roving the narrative:

Pour mon travail (quand je comprime au max), la grande pérégrination c'est dans le ‘texte’ et ses lectures — dans le temps (passé, présent, futur) et l'espace (ici, ailleurs) bien sûr, entre les pièces et les idées, dans les médias variés que j'utilise, dans les traductions et les transgressions de la ‘lecture’... etc. en fin de compte dans l'excursion de la vie dans l'art et vice-versa. Je m'imagine de (faire) contribuer au livre un texte sous la forme d'une conversation/correspondence.

[24 November 2003] Bang-a-lore

I confirmed DoorsEast last week, after they informed me my ticket was secured by the Mondriaan Foundation, one of the major cultural funding bodies in NL. Hence you'll find me in Bangalore 8-12 December for DoorsEast II and the tenth anniversary of the conference. I'll be travelling by Trivandrum (today: Thiruvananthapuram) and return via Goa. Mythical names and places in SSW India. In memory of Ahmedabad Letters I will collect you Bangalore Bits covering 6-14 December.

[19 November 2003] to publish

Finished the last unswer to Raimundas' questions. The deadline is today. I keep my answers up at NQP, to be able to fiddle around with them a bit more. There's plenty publishing in the air these days. Since RM will be visiting the Jan van Eyck today or tomorrow I hope to see him again after a long time.

Giselle installed to publish dot net, originally developed at the Jan van Eyck. It is open for contribution by those who make publishing their ‘act done in public’ practice. More publishing includes a text on safety (spam pervasion revisited) for upcoming issue six of Open, originally the SKOR art in public space foundation's magazine, now under Jorinde Seijdel developing into a wider interest publication, and a contribution to Metropolis M, in the context of their MyFavoriteTheory columns. Ha!

[18 November 2003] rehearsal

Death, life and sociality in rehearsal. There's no premiere.

On the practical side of things I need some input on where you think pervasive publishing is going to take us.

joke robaard opening 27 november at the vienna secession including a book

[17 November 2003] living memory

Invited by Dirk de Wit, in Brussels we discuss the archive, the living memory and how to collect, edit, present contemporary networked art narrative. I think this is what we discussed. Fact of the matter is that we spent an engaging afternoon with some good discussion, some of which will flow back into the public realm sooner or later, when you will find it linked here. Among the participants were Annemie Maes, Manon de Boer and Jorinde Seijdel. Missing unfortunately Nico Dockx, Laurence Rassel and Johan Grimonprez.

Since in the mode of attention interests always coincide, from the webbogging interview for NU-E the most remarkable quotes are about time, memory and identity. In the end it is not about publishing or about art or about the personal colliding with the political — it is about people and how they invest their energy, with whom, for what. Time, memory and identity in that order in everyday practice, are death, life and sociality, at their most abstract, yet, and at the same time, urgent level of understanding and experience. Who doesn't need to get to the bottom of these? It is worth our opera indeed.

wood pile 2003 cut
[15 November 2003] blog boogie

Canned Heat rambling piano. ‘Parthenogenesis’ from Living the blues in the background while answering Raimundas' weblogging questions.

November 14 was all wood and rain. Gérard Moussot delivered 17 m3 from the hill where we cut it last summer.

dressed up
Originally was: DSCN5035.JPG; then impatientfather.jpg; here alldressedup.jpg. God is in the file names. Save as.

[12-13 November 2003] Paris

Paris Photo opening on my exact first CP4300 anniversary, with 4,999 shots phosfed up to and including this morning, and counting. That numbering your shots is eerie like any progression, so one gets used to it. It is no count down.

Quo Vadis: I purchased my QV ‘Anoslim’. Yay, 2004! Slim 2004, how welcome can it be. Let's move on.

Hmm. Plenty mail upon return. ‘Numbers Do Not Lie’... but what do they tell us? That IDCafé list sure is buzzing.

[10 November 2003] inspiring muses mass

What are we asking this oracle whose voice is almost indistinguishable from the rumble of history to license us, to authorize us to say, when we dedicate to him the writing that one formerly offered in praise of the gods or the inspiring muses?
(Michel de Certeau, quoted in NQP#58, 18 September 2002)

The world in which these essays were written no longer exists.
(Susan Sontag, linked to from NQP#27, 18 April 2000)

Since roughly a decade the ‘graphein’ goes ‘tele’ and we travel at its speed. Coupling the identifying apparatuses and their throughput way tele, distributing whatever graphein (phonos, phos, typos), will properly move mountains.
(phos feed, NQP#61, 14 November 2002)

Installed Feed of Phos... because I have to give such kinds of movements environments some more phought, also in the UbiScribe context. Actually I'm still convinced of the conceptual integrity of one site fitting all, personal publishing emerging right there in the mix. Yet entering a service like means adding functionality and chance to one (part of one's) publication. It is where networked mass (as opposed to, and in addition to personal) publishing is heading anyway.

Which again puts forward serious personal publishing management and conservancy issues. Ubiscribe Ibilect.

[8-9 November 2003] it’s a brennivin world

One of the two bottles of booze on yesterday’s image is Brennivin original Icelandic schnapps. Purchased some years ago on a stop-over to NY, for its label design, believe it or not. Unopened ‘black death’. A second bottle made a present to Barbara B. Other food items include a mummified prototypical bun, an unopened mini can of Minute Maid orange juice, an unopened roll of Droste chocolates and the tiniest pot of Moulin made blackberry jam. The only half full or half empty item on this still unidentified table (Adriaan remembers selling one in his Roerende Zaken shop: a white model with a glass top that fits inside the table’s rim, instead of being the same size, as is mine. It seems the original size is Adriaan's, now that I know of it I can tell from some wear on my copy) is a bottle of NQP’s favorite unchilfiltered Té Bheag. You must’ve noticed me sippin’ da wee dram before.

local color

Gilles downs two pines. A straight 30 feet long piece is preserved. The mean ladder is stored.

Friday evening I clean the bedroom's fireplace of last winter's ashes and light a fresh fire. I bring a Verner Panton chair up from the salon, pour a Té Bheag, connect the 01Book. ‘One, two, three, four’ whispering Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy over the headphone, Ahmedabad wool around my shoulders I continue my notes. Before yesterday I found myself singing ‘Silent Night’ in Dutch. Like I said, I'm ready to receive.

All's local that ends local. I spend the week-end around the house. Saturday and Sunday know their specific SaSu activities like R's tennis lesson, the public library and an afternoon visit to the Bar Tabac. Sunday we try late breakfast. After coffee uptake we move the standing vitrine from the dining room to the salon. I take hours to piece-by-piece wash and polish the family crystal (there's my grandmother's, my mother's, G.'s aunt's and parents'... chains unbroken, items added from various markets) and put it on display. The salon, being the room which is rarely used, should become more of a center to the house — which now is the library, where an Internet connection and the television also are, and consequently the Gamecube. R+r's media restriction to 3,5 hours of screen based entertainment per week still draws a lot of activity to the room where also they watch their educational programs, like Klokhuis, Jeugdjournaal and Willem Wever. Dutch television indeed.

Later I cut fire wood and move it into the house. It warms you three times, as they say: you cut it, you shlepp it home and you burn it. Paul calls. We hope them to spend some days with us around New Year. In front of the fires, possibly at the Grange Treillard?

I'm preparing the house to be lived again. The winter practice. The outside/inside seasonal change is due. While the 10th lurks into the 9th already.

table top wunder
form freaks function

[7 November 2003] wunder-in

Wunder objects moved a table (the table itself moving from the salon to the studio) freeing a corner and access to the trunk. In the trunk we find more memorabilia, some 20 year old cahiers and 1993 Kryptotheka slides. On one box is written ‘sort out 01/02/1994’. I leave the stuff out, close the trunk and start piling books on its now available 64 × 156 cm. surface.

[6 November 2003] book id

Cobb, Ron: "Mah Fellow Americans": Editorial Cartoons From the Underground Press Syndicate Sawyer Books, 1968. Trade Paperback. Good +. First Edition. Signed by Author. Only 5,000 copies were printed; wraps are sunned, slightly creased around spine and at corners, book interior smells of cigarette smoke.

Such wonderful bibliographical detail reminds me of the book portraits I was going to shoot. Pack shot portrait.

local blow

Gilles Oppin's chain saw sings in the South or front garden. It takes the weeping willow completely apart but for the trunk and 50 cm. up the first forking branches. When I help him put up a monster size and consequential heavy weight ladder, which came with the Moulin, it escapes our grip and hits me r**l hard on the side of the head, which now is all swollen and a painful chew.

[5 November 2003] it’s the network, stupid!

Functional foods are broadly defined as those that claim, or at least hint broadly at, enhanced health benefits.

The spamscape rapidly mixes into physical space, reaching grotesque intrusiveness. Already our food is spammed with vitamins and minerals and pharmawhatnot. Health enhancement? Spam!

Spam goes where no advertizing went before. Beyond urban sprawl and branded space all of public space and consumer commodity will multiple serve as spam canvas or channel. Return to network will not rid you of it. It will be hard to define a ‘source’ for the data one discovers in one’s food or any other consumer experience. Any data presence will appear to magically result from networked data processing dynamics, including ubiquitous enhancements of every imaginable consumer experience .

Slow Food. Low-spam diet.

[3 November 2003] read/write

Home after ten NL days I browse the linking diaries of some of the g-pack and briefly click other clueful web, when suddenly I remember Groningen University professor Hans Locher who stipulated that one art historian would only devote his or her life to one artist if s/he would take art history serious at all. 01/01 attention... how far have we moved away from such read/write wrigour. At the service of, hoping for what sort of, reading are we infinitely pointing, commenting, pointing — what sort of reference/reference read/writing shall we invite? A literature which allows no more lighting one's manuscript for the smoking. All turned fire-less smoke screening Omnia Mea In Media linking.

The world wherein one reads one, or one writes one disappeared. The one who still reads one or writes one is hard to find unless that one is one self. Note to self. Rolf from the back of the car last night reads aloud the joke he finds on the inside of his Carambar wrapper: A fool is found posting a letter. Upon being asked to whom it is addressed, he replies: ‘To myself’. ‘So what is it about?’ ‘I don't know. I haven't received it yet’. We discuss his 94 year old grandmother's short term memory, or rather lack of it. Would she qualify to write that letter to herself? Even she would know what she was writing while writing, we agree. How short would an attention span finally be? Only fools fool themselves into remembering all of their actions.

The Moulin we find barren of most of its wrapping foliage. It's all down on the grass. G. hasn't been here for three weeks. The Perfect House Guards left the place in its always again striking homeliness, adding to its inventory two book titles, an apple pie, a glass pot of home made pear jelly, a ratatouille on the gas stove waiting to be heated and on the table a €20 note for R+r's piggy bank. Very appreciated all of this — particularly finding the laundry not on the bed but next to the washer, where it belongs.

The vehicle comes heavy with generations of inventory. Birds, landscapes, maps, portraits — print, objects.

Warm welcome to more perfection protection in the mail: from Russia, in its Russian brown paper package (1/2), closed by a piece of Russian hemp rope, inside protected by Russian bubble wrap, a virgin Matryoshka 10x couple, nested faceless featureless dolls. The unpainted linden wood has glossy colour rich varnish figurative written all over it but very fine saw dust falling from its top. The traditional shape evokes immediately all decorative variations one has ever spotted in shop windows the world over. Sufficient tree is left in it for the moment of imagination.

Soon I light the dining room fire. Walk up and down the ground floor rooms, back and forth to the bureau via salon and bibliothèque. Make some noise to check the place's resonance. Open all shutters. Streaming me streaming the light streaming house. Plug in Macedelica for 01Tunes and fresh NQP in autumn tones. Will Oldham and Fionia Apple (and Johnny Cash's rendering of the former's I See A Darkness) over the headphones when 0i sit down. I can hear my painfully off pitch whistle echo the room before piercing the headphone's plastic shell and foam cushion, poisoning the tunes to further improve the 01mood.

The nakedness of the house forecasts winter exposure. I'm ready to receive some.

Perestroyka! Just a couple of years after: ‘Shock and Awe’, with a couple of tens of companies competing over the right to brand their products by that name, according to a newspaper clipping. Sic Transit the world as we know it. Eric Karich, a trademark lawyer from Texas, has filed an application for 160 different products. "The military planners did such a great job with branding that battle plan as shock and awe. When I heard it on the news I was thinking to myself what a great trademark it would make," Mr Karich said.

[1 November 2003] boys and girls in public

You trace faces around you back in time. A 70 year old girl sits opposite of you. She looks out the window. See the men on the other side in their boy bodies. 50, 60 years ago their pants hung from their knees in the exact same clumsy fold dropping on their shoes. You're old, they're getting younger.

tree in street lamp
IMG SRC="../2003imgs/night-tree.jpg" WIDTH="562" HEIGHT="749" BORDER="0" ALT="tree in street lamp at 5:30 in the morning from the Maastricht apartment 3902 where I woke up against my will"

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