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Grand Hotel Yokohama
[18 September-3 October 2003] negative space


waterfall split
[26 September 2003] additional information


[17 September 2003] getting organized

Beyond the collaborative work sphere, where existing agreements will drive the work's development and define its goal, how can one stimulate and facilitate people to get together and get organized, to address issues for action and help guide that action at the same time. How to organize practical action without a pre-existing drive, whether from a different environment's not yet organized engagement (political action, employment, economical gain) or from a loosely organized collectivity which already exists but takes no or little action (discussion group, user forum). How to get people who share a mailing list to organize a conference. How to get users of this or that product to improve the company's environmental policy. How to bring people who think for themselves together to rally for them all? How to get some democratics going before 'electronic democracy' hits a market which we cannot trust or simply don't like. How to build such a market from a grassroots perspective. How to enhance reputation building, reward initiative, define the action's path and goal, support a division of tasks and unite such prerequisites into a functioning and successful collaborative action in the real world?

The simple idea of the 'publishing mode' would be every person for herself and software for us all: individual 'publications' to be filtered and connected for shared issues to be articulated between them. No other organization is allowed but around the more or less accidentally shared topic which builds up momentum between individual manifestations which themselves are highly depending on individual ('editorial') power to recognize, vividly express and stress the relevance of issues. The first educational goal for the information age would indeed be to learn people (starting with kids, again) to independently publish their ideas, needs and goals, to promote those needs, without relying on any representation in existing power structures. Self-representation is key.

The Gentle Art of Correspondence.

situated color

E.g. flash mob, rave style? Geocaching? Following the moves of the beast: anti-globalism. Trace/trail/track the commodity footprint: a database of political product information, informed with situated knowledge by both consumer workers and producer workers.

freak out drawing 1967 IMG SRC="../2003imgs/freak-out10-12-1967-2.jpg" WIDTH="562" HEIGHT="691" BORDER="0" ALT="freak out drawing 1967"
I thought of new ways
to say the same old things
I thought I'd jump up
and twirl my arms
like a wind mill
I thought I'd jump up
and spin around
like a lighthouse
Yiki Tiki, 1983
David Thomas and the Pedestrians Sound of the Sand

[16 September 2003] fountain o' youth vv. sign o' the times

When G. during my absence gently pray gently cleans out the bureau searching for unpaid bills inside stacks of, um... work related hard copy, Rolf uncovers the MoI letterhead which at age 14 I drew with what was called a ball-point pen. He says he likes it. From the time when vinyl 33rpm sold at 19 guilders, 1967 in NL. Frank G. and I after school set up a light show using the colored bulbs that we had set free from the village's Xmas decoration, turned up the volume and delighted in Suzy Creamcheese's story, wondering what got into her and flickered them lights at the beat of Help I'm A Rock. The CD industry provided my copy of FO only 30 years later. I don't listen to it a whole lot. Just wait until R+r's light show is up in a couple of years.

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