Jouke Kleerebezem


8 September-3 November 2019
Journaling Rosy-Fingered Data

Rosy-Fingered Data afiche

                                       Affiche, digital print, various DIN A-formats, 2019

May 2018

Current preoccupation: materialization of the digital trace — the big data challenge not being digitization of historical analog material, but materializing new digital data manifestations.

April 2018
The Calculated Trace: Drawing for Media at ‘Het Reputatieatelier’, Gouwstraat 46b, Rotterdam Oud-Charlois, 14-15 April, daily1-6 pm and by appointment.
Mixed media drawings from the Duncan of Jordanstone Dundee masterclass, by JK and students. This presentation was part of South Explorer.

there is no progress in art

                                     There Is no Progress in Art (second state), 4096×4096pxs., 2017


Current preoccupation: taming the algorithm.

Re: materialize. Re: manipulate. Re: trace. Re: practice. Art after the computational turn. New constructs, systems and contexts configure new rules, new behavior, new desires, new attitudes, new principles — for the conception, construction-production, presentation, representation and publishing of the

Art (object, document, event)
Artist (maker, distributor)
Recipient (audience, public)
Media (art, information, communication)
Market (exchange, value, estate)

January and February 2018

Blue blur

                                     Return to blue blur forest, 4096×4096pxs., 2018

Late fall 2017

All I Remember From The Exhibition

                                     All I Remember from the Exhibition, 4096×4096pxs., 2017

Summer and fall 2017

Calculated trace

                                     The Calculated Trace (unfinished, first state), 4096×4096pxs., 2017

Spring 2017


                                     Suspended, 2017


Studio announcements

                                     Studio announcements, 2017


Studio visit

                                     Studio visit, 2017



                                     Hairdo (flowery), 4096×4096pxs., 2017

Meanwhile at the Fountain of Youth

Meanwhile at the Fountain of Youth

                                     Post-its, 4096×4096pxs., 2017

January 2017
Palm dream

Pick Your Battles drawing

                                     Pick Your Battles, 2480×3508pxs., 2017

Backyard scene

Fire breather

                                     Fire breather in Amsterdam backyard, 2017

Scorching ongoing series

scorched paper

                                     Scorched paper (detail), 18×24cm, 2017

scorched paper 4

                                     Scorched paper nr. 4 (detail), 34×52cm, 2016

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Jouke Kleerebezem is a Dutch artist living in and working from
Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, incidentally setting
up his studio at the Café de Tannay, France

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Previous work includes, and is included in,
Notes, Quotes, Provocations and Other Fair Use
(1998-present) and at different online and offline venues

Acknowledgement Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam

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