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the third year
2000 memory high
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28 December 1999-15 January 2000
nqpaofu 23

The Entertainment SuperHighway
Wap-It-Up for the Next Design Fix
Pattern Language 2.0
Overlooked the 26-67 character leapfrog
So what's it gonna push out (of its way)?
High Fidelity, A Blue Million Miles
Recast all hope
Gonna Mail Myself To You
LIBO: the 'link is in Belgium' Observation
Aller et Retour
Breaking News (or: 'Who's Who in the 20C')
Très Mellow
A quoi pensez vous?
Spring Walk
2000, innit
More December days, waiting for a new agenda
December Yellow Butterfly and Other Omina.

15 January-4 February 2000
nqpaofu 24: memory high

long haul
2way to go: ahmedabad letters 6-12 February; in media agency, in media genre
typical pre-voyage information bits: pols and havelis
overhyping the Internet
product to service shift
eve of long haul
Amadavar: wood or city
mobility infarct and anti-traffic
(more) eamesing (to follow)
india report
survival not caprice
competing cities?: contentville, Celebration, Ahmedabad, St.Germain-des-Bois
in media performance
slippery slope
content, form—rough casts
studio visits
'not since Superman died'
4 color theorem
swallow or spit?
today's clue
the bigger bang?
it's me
what's happening?
designing information
last minute; off the grid
division of labor
information give-nots
general appetite
speed filtering?
stubborn nonchalance
form follows feed
color me hungry
memory high
barcodes on the wall
net addiction
sound check.

15 February-8 March 2000
nqpaofu 25: memory high

a daily bundle
slow food: snail agency
mix and stir: egg writing
heads or tails or spin
nothing you ever wanted to know about the Internet and yet nagged about all the time
the manual is the message
on the literature
making sense
spring soundscape
less harmonious vibes
getting to know eros
room with two views
in and out
the lighter blues
webblog visits
studio visit
no serial linking
wtf encore
connect the thoughts
against consensus
personal journalism
wishful thinking aloud
leap realities here to stay
the weblog
designing performance
so wtf are weblogs?
Sim Sapiens
more threads to gamble from
as for the good news
studio visit
power to the people sims to the people
future license/burning a hole in water
burning a hole in sky
burning a hole in life
burning a hole in self
burning a hole in retina
agency for ever
pay me to be me/pay me to be myself : attention
leave a trail, shake it off
I DIE for color
information follows articulation
re: inf0Arcadia
form follows fiction to follow
what goes N must come S, asap
xterminator chili
streams of consciousness
end of nature
streams on
light impact
letting go
facing inundation
comfort, discomfort
touch base.

9-24 March 2000
nqpaofu 26: memory high

have tongues, will speak
Languability drives the Contemporary Polyglot
the mother tongue thing
March 22, 3.00am
one picture is worth a thousand stories
it's official
magnitudes of memory
ordering basics
language unframed
wein: what else is new
underhyping the Internet
past parameters
links disappearing, IDBB
against determinism
the world as we know it?
one in a row: attention swings
the territory is the voice
shitting in the river
what went before
last of the neoblogisms
spread the dung
CMR: expanding the blogabulary, or, spell check hell
Blog Ho! The NQPAOFU Blogabulary
MEANWHILE, out there: blog vs. weblog, or, SpellWeb objectivity revisited
journals or journalisms
'dear blog'
third generation personal publishing
wybiwyg: the volksblog
sharing the weblog over generations
new jounalisms
agent-to-agent information sharing
sxsw reporting;personal correspondence
rebuilding studio realities
studio visit
storming the reality studio
nothing on the net today
rebuilding the earth
back issues
yesterday's nqpaofus.

24 March-21 April 2000
nqpaofu 27: memory high

studio visit
moulin colour
attention and experience
concentration and information
distribution and information
information as experience, and vice-versa
mass trust, everyday experience
meanwhile, on the hesitant side of the arts
post scriptum/post-political/post-critical: the new media left, euro-style
post-arcadia: Bregtje van der Haak in Metroplis M
infancy and history
the destruction of experience
art after content
here's to you too
clientage or correspondence?
correspondence for correspondence's sake
art's coming autonomy: purposeless re-invented
reprise, response
'absence de porteuse'
to be continued
writing between the links
the simple life; re:clientage
give me the/one/a break, for the better
just one break
the leaving song
ready or not
one trick format
the manhattan pamphlet
freedom of clientage
trespassers II
a year later: today
women informed me better than men
trespassers w; a year ago today
the narrative power
landscape architecture: the oldest time based art; at the Narrative Power (NP) symposium; the narrative power: main topics, monitoring, modelling
escaping thematization?
no link of mine
re: the private I
re: the public I
authoring: love and work
guided by the site
I (un)authored
scrumpling up the envelope
long boom, or slow doom
one question, many answers

22 April-15 May 2000
nqpaofu 28: memory high

off-web; attention management
mastering material, measure, momentum: to taste
and I occasionally do search the web
clock work
the hermit and the whore
meanwhile, abundancy
a million thin varnish layers break the light
whatever generosity
enough is enough, now what
sensations of generosity
city is not the message
the dream is in the details
piece of blog
bits and pieces
where have we been for the past 20 years

new female voices
was: ars longa vita brevis
the proof of the pudding: self-help as autophagy
running fast
one full day, yesterday, today
slow motion
french discourse
learn to change
when enough was enough
re: FTF2K
more question marks, more relevance
dialogue intérieure
interior resign
slowly opening the shutters
not your everyday everyday
iconic irony
something old, something new: some experience
follow that line

16 May-13 June 2000
nqpaofu 29: memory high

fight natural selection
state of shlep to the min
estate logistics
Dutch winter landscape; Le Moulin du Merle/lemoulindumerle.com
yonder; meanwhile..; lemoulindumerle.com; Le Moulin du Merle
sic transit gloria
Quicksilver Messenger Service
are you dotcomfortable enough?; lemoulindumerle.com; Le Moulin du Merle
In an age of information, communication is your only security
updated; meanwhile...; Le Moulin du Merle
the other url
for the check of it; Le Moulin du Merle; meanwhile...; cross-meanwhile...
42/54; Le Moulin du Merle(x3)
gender tender
a female principle
this morning in my dream; Le Moulin du Merle
more two-faced modernization
Another update (no re:design): the index to previous issues, now all on the nqpaofu.com server; Le Moulin du Merle(x3)
Has Modernism Failed?, Suzy Gablik (1984)
Art & Discontent; Theory at the Millennium, Thomas McEvilley (1991); Le Moulin du Merle
bag lady
dad double sleep
optical age; Le Moulin du Merle
I am still Alive
blog brevis; Le Moulin du Merle
media formations what the blog
freedom and privacy by design
what the blog
the day after: aurore
20C travel
missing in action
an ear for an ear, you're jinglin' baby
clock wise

14 June-21 July 2000
nqpaofu 30

today's secret word: 'shop-uplifting'
the gentle art of redirection
ju, jitsu
de:tour, re:direct
'what happens when a new work of art is created is something that happens simultaneously to all the works of art which preceded it'
'purposely leaving something unfinished for the play of imagination to complete'
today's (actually last night's) secret word: 'Trauerarbeit'
family liaisons
today's secret word: 'encyclopidiosyncracy'
for the record; note to self
Le Moulin du Merle
what dotcomes around...
Le Moulin du Merle
start the engine
00 knowledge
how do we find out about disaster (before it strikes): it's already IYBY, stupid!
les douzes princesses
Le Moulin du Merle
Kitchen Think, Thunk, Thunk
meanwhile (x3)
Le Moulin du Merle
micro tourism
Euro2000 soccer
Le Moulin du Merle; lemoulindumerle.com
Smart Ass
Le Moulin du Merle, WEIN
Le Moulin du Merle
for the record
the industry
new connection (was: new skills)
the hardware
the software
the network
the computation
for the record
extended aesthetics; Le Moulin du Merle (x2)
consumer experience from entertainment to interaction: re:victimization
strawberry keys forever
limited functionality
blank at CET 1:02, added the logo at 9:36, changed the underlining at 14:29, made and added the issue number image at 14:39, some re:formulations at 17:12, end of first day different look and feel at CET 00:00 and somewhat after (somewhat? it's flippin' 1:32 soon, for another upload and Generosity's waiting...)
NQPAOFU, the 'portal'; two-step

22 July-10 August 2000
nqpaofu 31

we are the bees of the invisible
sentimental twists of the senses, or: what do you want to use them for today?
to inform to know
search rocks
search skills
aside: überdairy
Le Moulin du Merle
all things considered
thank you
multiple outlets
homo sapiens 2.0, or the end of automation
'we' are the shopkeepers
what do you mean: a 'link'?! (was: 'give me a link, will you?!')
link tracks and distractions
hip hip and more
with all this I'm playing
run voice run
upstream dream
antidotal humanity
without classes
my warning
change, the god as
moins ça change, plus c'est différent
antidotal humanity
the end of fantasy as we know it
the end of fantasy as we know it
sorry boredom foursome
One Evolution Fits All Comfort
family forte
it's in the genes

11-29 August 2000
nqpaofu 32

more meanwhile...
the culture is our nature suite
technology we'll be remembered by
oh mylieu! au milieu
zero growth, n replication? From critical mass to critical momentum
ruthlessly small bears on the road
capital observations: space, money and wit, generosity, soep en land
gaining space
money and wit: call for capital
soep en land; Le Moulin du Merle
more simple instructions
click here
candid isolation: tomorrow's home made
the manual that built Jack
simple instructions
pourrissement oblige, decay obliges
greedy breathing man, inapt promoter
right in front of our eyes
increasing returns
more is less
once just-in-time, a fairy tale in search of an author
no fix media
tale of the searching temper
when more is less
they lived long and happily, ever after information

4-18 September 2000
nqpaofu 33

an experiment in living
à la maison comme à la maison: what change?
what experiment?
art and part
critic and artist: on the how and the whether
The critics of this world are primarily concerned with the intricate how of reception, while its artists are essentially concerned with the obstinate whether of realization
noblesse s'amuse
the minor artist (notions of clique and publique, frame and fame, ego and ergo)
the merrier game
dear diary; attempted self-depreciation babble
day in a life
compatibilité d'humeurs; on talent
out of nowhere
see it coming out of somewhere
insider web, outsider web
mass momentum media
fit shoe, will trip
when all the world's a desktop
reprinted by kind permission
now printing
let's assume; highlighting
never-to-be-printed matter?
re: the literature
blacking out
guided by the dark
ce que je vois m'aveugle; ce en quoi je sais, cela me rend ignorant
unresolved beauty; a model mess
the unresolved II
unresolved artistry
'simple information'
the unresolved

19 September - 3 October 2000
nqpaofu 34

closed, out, sick
the end of context as we know it, part 2, OR, what else is new?
Love, Hate, Capital, Intelligence, License, Morals, Isolation, Transaction, Imperatives, Politics, Articulation And Other Contemporary Heresies Vigorously Incarnating As Pleasing Truths In The Outside World... While Their Information Templates Are Still In Their Infancy And Will Never Handle The Traffic Anyway. Respect. Real.
context built the cat
les thèmes se répètent
may a thousand times a thousand contexts blossom
more meanwhile
more context
meanwhile, last night
context killed the penguin
the fitting game
more antidotal reading tonight
the end of context as we know it, part 1
'Those who want to be correct in the face of politics, all raise your right hand, please.'
artistic drift never protects the artist from what (s)he wants, ever
re-action towards new standards in life activities
correct artistry
meanwhile around the Moulin
now playing
my copy
meanwhile around the Moulin du Merle
against interaction (automation, deus ex database)
what I was hoping to write about
and what I ended up writing
retreat from the library
clickpath convulsion
what's holding back new lit order?
still playing

3 October - 5 November 2000
nqpaofu 35

life size
read write live bio graphy
not a dream
more bio reading
if you can't: 'let the Web decide'
in from the NL blitz...
now playing all thru the pitch black burgundy nite
week-end work out
the commodity museum
Cube in a Cube: short cut commodification
re: search
re: presence
the future
18 October 2000, the future; 17 October 2000 , the present; 16 October 2000, the past
Let's unsubscribe
pressing agency
the past
de vive voix
golbew, niluom
checklog in/out
the narrative experience
Vilém Flusser

from subject to project

15 November - 11 December 2000
nqpaofu 36

a long way, for a bad pen
biff! a visit to the electronic frontier foundation
days alive
now playing
off, and on (not binary)
earlier today
now playing, and repeating
millenium hug
excuse my mud
meanwhile at the Moulin
upon 2nd thought
other departures
now playing, rather loud
mere possibility
thank god for loneliness
bon soir... and Holy Blog! That Recount Loves Me...
now playing
patience, patience
psychanalyse du feu
our crying
Spilled Milk‹twenty years later
<hurrah a href>
little golden book
Hurrah! A HREF!
More Kid Lit Links
added value? added functionality.
function freaks form
meanwhile, the Moulin du Merle
driven home
return to locality
Thank God for a place to be
now playing
body and spirit reunited
situated information
ball purchased (in a purple metallic shade)
Nest 10 purchased at Atheneum News Center

9 December 2000 - 14 January 2001
nqpaofu 37

me and ma vica
add location
W alert
add moon, add crows
add miles, add ink
idie.net: vormgeving ontwerpen
add water
add snow
overconfident, underanticipated
still under the weather
up or down, east or west?
...and a next patient
now playing, comfortingly, Kristi's present
interesting stuff for idie.net
sick from 1:30am
zero proof
1 January 2001's playlist
1 January 2001's guest list
zero use
zero explanation
and a Happy New Year
notes for a short day
write me a cross-linking detection robot?
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