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1 February-29 March 1999
nqpaofu 9

We're Gone (leaving Amsterdam)
Truly Regretted Lasts
a mind is a terrible thing to waste
`Mas Ars Que Dinaros'
Reading Left to Write
Communication Automatique: stay ahead of the Noise
What's for Currency Tonight?
Hello and Goodbye
Le Moulin du Cincle?
Midnight ramblings
Time Travel Limitations
More Mobility
Fuel Informationalization
Plenty visitors
Sudden Deep Fatigue
Long Shadows
Tarte Tatin for Desert
Talking 'bout my Generation
Interference; Brain; Renaissance
Center and Periphery: Portal Blues?; Unplugged Supply Chains?; KIKO
High Roads and By-Roads: Information Mobility
A Moving Target
Mobility is always late
Fresh Today
Fat Mobility.
9-27 April 1999
nqpaofu 10

Celebratory Issue
Senses Working Overtime (Muscles Too)
(installing in France; Webby Award for Doors)
Reality Check
(at the Moulin du Merle, and re: San Francisco)
Tales Of Migration
Into the Mix
(first book and music picks)
Routes, Rituals, Routines, Rules
(building up on site)
Daily Life as Exercise; a house is a house of course, of course, that's why it's called a house
(Day 1)
(local currency)
Daily Life, Day 2
Le Monde Serbs Me Right
Alo, alo?
(What takes France Telecom?)
Ceci n'est pas un sabbatical
Connectivity in a cloud of dust
(here comes France Telecom
Consumption or Production as Conditions of Life and Communications—or, We Can't All Have Picasso's Profile (NPI)
Market, Anyone? Genius, Anyone?
Local Color Can Make You Go Blind
Obs, color
La France Profonde
Monsieur Teste
(Paul Valéry)
R+r on School Duty
Mercredi, the real thing
Old Habit
Remedial Jeudi
Unexpected Guest
Bonne week-end
Expression and Media Cred
Repas Campagnard To Top It Off
Don't Panic, It's Only My Material Expression
(school days for R+r)
28 April-30 May 1999
nqpaofu 11

Who wants yesterday's weather?
Heavy with goodbye
Heavy with water
Heavy with bits
More Speculation
Sites of Speculation
Le flottage à bûches perdues
Little Sparta revisited
C'est toujours les autres qui meurent (Marcel Duchamp)
The School is Loose; or, Stagnation Makes Perfect
Crash Dummies Are Go: Habit vs. Pathology
stilstand is vooruitgang
Plus je pense plus je pense
Learning without Progress?
The End of Value Free?
Eternal Return
Gentle Art
Up The Frequency, ISOPCSD
Friends R+r Us
Magical Mystery Tour
Bureaucratics in a cloud of smiles
Left to ourselves again
Brain Drain?
New Arrivals
More Unexpected Guests
More Basics
Pros and Cons of Filtering
Vital Information
Tannay and Avallon
Find France Closed
Detox Mode
New School.
31 May-25 June 1999
nqpaofu 12

Paris s'éveille
Mind the Links
Food Chain Gang
Another Invasion for La France Profonde
Nutshells make nifty containers
The Owl, the Cinclus and the Snake:
Wildlife Invasion at the Moulin
I'm For Informatic License (Customization#1
I'm For CryptoSustainability
(New Market#2)
I'm For CryptoMobility
(New Market#1)
I'm For Correspondence
(Old Habit#5)
interior/exterior correspondence
I'm For Permanent Education
(Old Habit#4)
I'm For A Material World
(Old Habit#3)
I'm For Isolation
(Old Habit#2)
I'm For Unworldlyness
(Old Habit#1)
All The World Turned To A Page Again
The Infinite Revolution Salon, TIRS (Fr. tir is shot)
If you can't sight it, situate it
Bloody #$%& µ¶š›œ™ Gremlins!?
Of Gardens
Laisser Leisure
Files 1988-1992 (1998)
Escape into the World; Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
Spread Thin
Who wants yesterday's weather?
25 June-6 July 1999
nqpaofu 13

Business or pleasure?
The meat
W words
It Takes One To Know One
When lights went out
Support Your Local Artist
Let's Make Things Excellent
Memories are made of this
Remote control
Beggars can't be choosers
Sugar and Spice and Everything Entrepreneurial...
Big Sleep
Less I sleep, less I sleep
Upload Interruptus
Named anchors
Faith Recap
Dogma Recap
I Thunk and Thunk... Couldn't Think Of Anything Better...
The Informational Season
Missions or Markets for Excellence?
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
Material Worlds Apart
Le Vide
Count Your Blessings.
7 July-26 July 1999
nqpaofu 14

Materia Prima
Purification Day
Micro Energy: there's more where this came from
Information At First Sight
Leave Mail On Server
Think Presence, Think Ubiquity: Message in a Bottle
Information Tokens
The Poietics of Technology
Imagine looking at your computer screen
Information mummified, or nascent
Embedded weblogging
Against Sprawling Urbanization
Way French, road side, river side
Le WebLog C'est Moi™
Young URLists Cum Suis
Agency AnyOne-to-One?
Quatorze Juillet
Asnan vide grenier
68 and counting
Have Nots, Will Fall
Have(Not) Alphabetical Candygrammar Koup
The cam that came to the box from a box
Just What Is It That Makes Today's Art So Low On Information?
26 July-20 August 1999
nqpaofu 15

Squirrel Foraging
What's that spell?
Give Me An F!
Fine With Me
A propostal
Hey, Banner Up!
Past, Present, Future
Tempus Fugit
Honey Happens
It's the Time of the Season: DIM/DEM
Eros Beats Chronos Big Time, Anytime
my agenda differ from yours
(appears to be an ironic heading)
Mass Elitism
God's Own Attic
Heaven, One Year Later
Weblogability Standards
A Propos Credits Due
MIT time
Skill and Skull
Nearing Zero
Designing Use
Materia Prima
20 August-9 September 1999
nqpaofu 16

Life's an Automated Bitch, in three handsome steps
Solidarity Spree
BricoDépôt, JardiLand, McDonald's, Sainte-Bernadette: news from the cryptocastles
Le jour de la Rentrée
The noble amateur and the bachelor
No technology beats lunch
a Market/not-a Market: 'changing the way people buy'
Clue Looby Lunch
Preach what you practice
Monologue Rogues
The bachelor pattern of ejaculation
Rhyme by Math of Trend
Leave A Trail
Follow your own path
Greetings from Jargonia
Gender Divide Lowest At InfoSeek
IO Who?
Privacy is no freedom
Embedding vv. Embodying
Heard It Through The Grapevine
Tracking Dead Grooves
Night Shift
Post Scriptum Operandi
Breaking Blog News
BTW: Ceci n'est pas une blague ('this is not a blog')
Don't Call Me Middle Names
Did I say 'privacy rape'?
In order of disappearance/to disappear
Dead Language New Media Curricular Math DL+NM=CM
Coming alive
F for Dandyism
Squirrel Foraging
9-20 September 1999
nqpaofu 17

Meanwhile, over at the test bench...
underneath the content, it's the browser
In Search of Free Man
'Just' Free
Rule by Preference
myslogan.com (still available)
The ABCs of being I, E, Uh..., Opinionated
Don't be a puppy: join iProstitution today!
In Search of Disappearance
Curricular Smut
How much does your privacy depend on anonymity?
Some of the best things in life are off-line
Life's an Automated Bitch, in three handsome steps
20 September-5 October 1999
nqpaofu 18

Let's get lost
Here's to the Shopkeepers
More trouble
Foreign Territory
World Animal Day
A Mixed Bag
Air Guitar
Free Lunch
Erratic: No External Links
Empower Men Tissues
Truth Puppy
Media migration
Fact Finding
Transfixed 1974
Transfixed 1999
Local or Global or Antidotal
I DIE today
It's official (and secret)
Talking back to the >+ media
Designer Conscience repeats itself
First Things First 2000
First Things First 1964
Mission in the making
The one-stop weblog?
The 'a link a day' Deliverable
Divided we blog
make that 2
fog in the valley
underneath the content, the browser
What happened?
Old Memes Die Hard
Competence Showdown
(Ceci n'est pas un Mot)
6-26 October 1999
nqpaofu 19

You're the dot tenant for chrissake
Tufte Exposed?
infoArcadia (soon)
1 : attention
Short Plea For 'Pause for a Cause' Complementary
Volume or Value?
Incantations: 1. discretion - 2. talking back - 3. brand or niche - 4-5. beyond opinion - 6. agency - 7. abundancy - 8-9. Capital/change
know, trust, deal
Quick, Blog, Follow that Content!
Next bumpersticker: I Blog for Eternity
More Narrowscape
Hack my conference
Reputation flees the blogs
A Course is a Course, Off Course, Of Course
If you'll excuse my cross-dressing
Female Principle
Fact finding
Finest Hour
Repaving the beach
Serving previous lives
Diversity versus variety
Local knowledge
Be where you are.
26 October-14 November 1999
nqpaofu 20

Remind Me Of The Wheel
Two Years After My Suggestion: The Amazon Wishlist
Sustained condition of visibility
Mort pour la France
Make It Happen
A propos 'city screens' and yesterday's rant
Leave a Trail
Design Urgencies between the Private and the Public
Informed return to the studio
Re: migration disclaimer
Studio Visit
The rearview mirror not
bras en cire... sein en verre...
Power to the User!
The User Revolution
Information Habit
Help I'm A Blog
Paris at arm's length
Medusa's Moon
Help I'm A Blog, Reprise
More eDom
14-29 November 1999
nqpaofu 21

Numbers Game
Leon Spilliaert
Eternal Ephemera
The Jakob Nielsen Usability Wing of the CHIGUI Museum
Name your property and we'll set your mortgage
.com gentrification
The picturesque means hard work
Chopping away
Chopping John Zerzan
Lucky Dip Learning (was: serendipity)
Drawing epinions' ettention
Gaining Reverse Speed
Snail Delicatessen (non food entry)
Flash Mobility Reflection
Met, Read, Had
Notes to self
Mobility Check
Some Updates
Courtesy Lake Effect
If you can't beat them
Go with the fix
Bug or Feature?
Landau Mobility
Studio Visit 3: the Horse Stable
Round and round and round
Re: the wheel, the car, the road, transportation, mobility.
1-27 December 1999
nqpaofu 22

December butterfly
Home birth
Curl, memory
Sexy memory
the unsexy medium
I just like things complex
Beuvron Rising
Doors of Perception 2001-2004
8 December 1864
4 April 1999
The Flowing Speech of Human Wisdom and the Liberty of Perdition
Too High Stakes? Too Imperialist? Too Idealist? All of the Above?
On and Off the Grid
Mining the Spur of the Past
inf0Arcadia summary
Winter Mood
Service announcements
Instant Return to Bachelor Bouffe
5 December 1899
4 December 1899
M for mediocre, mass, move over, merchandise, markets, models
Don't thank it to the market
N is for neighbouring, niche, nurtured, n'importe near
3 December 1899
Us Authors Return To Haydays Of Self Publishing
2 December 1899
What's That Spell? Nap Quack Pup Able Opal Fox Unit...
1 December 1899
Hokey Pokey, Wicky Wong, Kalamazoo, Kamoley Kong
note to self.
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