18 May 2001
laus01 design award and festival

schematic representation

how to read the designer into the scheme?
...star designers, designer stars, wandering shadows, eccentricity—not a sage on the stage but a guide on the side. Today's designer can attach her/himself to any partner at any moment in the process of interaction. One-to-one, via any other one. When all are agents and bring their skills, experience and best interests to trade, you end up designing, visualizing, enhancing, articulating, recalculating, anticipating, re:reading and re:writing stories of information exchange.

If this rough cut quark-to-jpg-via-eps watercolor would have been animated, you'd see a lot of slow motion position changing, some shape shifting and other choreographies happening, between producer, consumer, designer, a process of interest sharing, market building and breaking, looking for clues, spreading the meme. Later.


nqpaofu 1998-2001