Jouke Kleerebezem’s Notes Quotes Provocations & Other Fair Use 97-100

connect the dots

a first view off the coast at Kanniyakumari
Tamil Nadu, India, 3 february 2010

connect the dots

How to bridge 4, 5 years? Are those really dots?

The gap in my publishing life swallowed issues 97-100 and left their half-products in a sealed off folder on a hard disk. These issues are labelled: ‘abandoned’. As some of my life was — as much for different projects as for less favorable personal circumstances.

Those readers curious for NQP archives can hit below issue 96 link and work their way backwards from late 2005. For a more intuitive scan of the current material’s historical background just dive in anywhere, check the text anchor lists in the archive, also linked below. You will find some valuable thoughts and images in a pattern of sustained and coherent ‘daily operation’, from a time when the network was young, the machines were new and the excitement general among cultural producers.

For irregular future updates of this old-school-new-curriculum publication just check back at the portal (linked below) ever once in a while. Also very likely Quasime will Twitter at appropriate moments, to link back here. There are no guarantees. There never were nor can there ever be.

I’ll be seeing you in Kanniyakumari.

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