innovation and design for information empowerment
launched after publication of the First Things First 2000 manifesto, in disagreement — ‘I Die for Change’, on 21 September 1999
2005 recast of this site since 20 September 2005

look discusses contemporary (communication) design issues from three basic rules, valuing information and communication media specificity
since the public Internet/www, roughly 1993.

1) information travels fast and infinite in all directions
2) an information society acknowledges true many-to-many information production and consumption and opens its media accordingly
3) the information society citizen is guaranteed radical privacy and equality for her or his information production and consumption

design, art, media

Communication in the Early Information Age is particularly nourished by and derives its significance from developments in the arts, design and media.
Notwithstanding radical thinking from other professional and popular societal areas of interest, visual culture and technology have driven all major media
developments over the past decades. Against any technological or media design fix, aims to conceive of and further informatic license.


Like any other narrative, information is (in) a particular idea or object, coming from particular people with particular talents and interests, tracing particular histories.
At the end of the day, against popular belief, information is narrow, situated and leaves a trail — media are wide, ubiquitous and vaporous. looks where and when they act. / jouke kleerebezem 1999-2005 | SITE ARCHIVE | TEXTS | KEYWORDS | PROJECTS | CONTACT | CONTEXT