Jouke Kleerebezem


January 2017
Backyard scene

Fire breather

                                     Fire breather in Amsterdam backyard, 2017

Rubbing and Scorching ongoing series

scorched paper

                                     Scorched paper (detail), 18×24cm, 2017

scorched paper 4

                                     Scorched paper nr. 4 (detail), 34×52cm, 2016

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Jouke Kleerebezem (1953-2053) is a Dutch artist
living in and working from Amsterdam and Rotterdam,
the Netherlands, incidentally setting up studio at
the Café de Tannay, France

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Previous work includes, and is included in,
Notes, Quotes, Provocations and Other Fair Use
(1998-present) and at different online and offline venues

Acknowledgement Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam

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